André Silva Sancho

Blowplastic was born from the desire to experience glass blowing, without the costly outlay. Bio-based plastic (PLA) is the main material, which is low cost, reusable and recyclable, non-toxic, easy to use, light and resistant. 3 unconventional designs have been created in a concept based at the limit between industry and craft, resulting in a product at the border between art and design.


Samuel Santos

The aim of the Brecha project is to use stone from the Algarve in a range of objects that personify the people, traditions, and architecture of the region using local knowledge and techniques.

A Algarvia Chair

Laura Carlos

The prototype of the “A Algarvia” resting chair will be improved in terms of comfort and production engineering focusing on it’s future commercialization. This chair will present some variants, including different materials, craft techniques, reflections of local culture. Laura Carlos started this project in 2015, in a Design & Crafts residence and will continue developing it at Loulé Design Lab.


Margarida Santos

The DLUSA project consists of the design and weaving of carpets, rugs and wall hangings from pure wool, using the traditional “Beiriz” knot stitch technique, and an environmentally aware use of carefully selected, sustainable, bio-degradeable raw materials.

Inspiration comes from the traditional designs of the horizontal borders “Platibandas” found on the facades of traditional Algarvian houses, and in the common root of colours and geometric decoration found in Mediterranean architecture.

The intention is also for the finished object to awaken memories and sensations in the viewer, creating multiple interactions and interpretations in a new dynamic visual language.


Gonçalo Gama

Dobra seeks to bring out the potential of palm frond weaving in its widest context, to bring innovation to the craft via extensive research and experimentation. From the environmental and social dimensions, to the evolution of its manufacture, resulting in functional items for everyday use.

For Nature Design

Leni Farenzena

Furniture inspired by nature which combines innovative design with traditional techniques, using local materials such as clay and cane. The project is based on three pillars: environmental sustainability, local context, and the innovation of traditional design featuring local resources.

Foz do Almargem

Ula Tymoszuk

Foz do Almargem is a fashion design project with a strong vintage influence combined with the sensorial poetry of the Algarve’s nature. Designing a line of summer dresses with a strong ecological component and documenting the process, the project aims to explore ways of connecting with the cultural heritage rooted in nature.

Fragil Jewellery

Bernadette Martins

Frágil Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery design brand that explores the relationship between forms of nature and its materials, ranging from silver, copper and brass to porcelain and glass. The makers’ fascination for jewellery inspired the discovery of new materials and techniques that is infused in each piece, with porcelain being the common link stemming from the makers previous work in ceramics.

I went to see the stars, I'll be back

Margarida Valente

“I went to see the stars, I’ll be back ” is a chair built on a metallic structure with a covering made from textile waste, a constant in the work of Margarida Valente, author of the project. Being designed for interior spaces, the chair invites contemplation and relaxation. The maker intends to develop the model for other areas, and to develop the means of production, using local materials and techniques.


Gustavo Arguello e Carla Martins

Gustavino is a 3D printed modular wine rack which can expand according to the space available and the number of bottles. The aim is to use the Precious Plastic machines to develop a new version using pos-consumer plastic packagings which are hard to recycle, creating then a circular economy.


Sandra Neto

The design and handcrafting of multifunctional surfaces for interiors, walls and coasters, which contributes to diminishing the ecological footprint of the discarded waste of the construction, architecture and decoration industries by transforming it into the raw materials to be reused as art and decoration.

Ovelha Negra Knits

Susan Sutherland

Ovelha Negra Knits is a project about integrating the creative and sustainable craft and traditions of hand spinning and knitting into a contemporary world. Inspired by local surroundings and nature, a journey from sheep, to skein, to stitch resulting in custom made, unique accessories and homeware.


Célia Palma

Independent, activist & social project that is inspired by our time and Algarve culture.
The brand aims to question the community with different artistic and social approaches.


Mónica Ribeiro

“Rejoice in the longing for yesterday and today, creating a tradition for tomorrow”
Andorinha (Swallow) is developing a collection of shoes based on the concept of the traditionally homemade “Ourelo shoe” from Olhão. Using locally available raw materials to maintain the connection between Portuguese history, tradition and current trends.

Smyrna Carpets

Sara Monteiro

Centred around the creation of three collections of rugs, this project is inspired by the decorative and natural themes of the Algarve region. The theme of the first range is drawn from traditional designs of the horizontal borders “Platibandas”, found on the facades of traditional Algarvian houses. The second range is predominantly inspired by the Ria Formosa natural park. The third takes inspiration from the decorative flowers lining the pavements which are used during street festivals. The rugs are completely hand-hooked by the artist, only using natural raw materials such as wool, linen, and jute.


Marta Lourenço

The PURE footwear and clothing range is a conscious artisanal creation using only the purest materials that Nature has to offer. From birth and throughout childhood PURE provides comfort and tenderness to your child.

Reais Presenças

Jina Nebe

These original artistic creations by Jina Nebe are prototypes of everyday utility objects, on the border between art and design, based on the five pillars of aesthetics, utility, ergonomics, economic sustainability and potential for national and international distribution.

With an aim of promoting the development of unique pieces or small limited series with a strong connection to the Algarve (Ria Formosa and Serra do Caldeirão) and Portugal, collaborations are forged with various local and national professionals in the fields of cork, ceramics and salt, amongst others.

Beyond raw material

Wesley Sacardi

The Descartes Series – beyond raw material, consists of the study of the reuse of wood to develop furniture pieces. The work consists of the development of pieces, in the area of ecodesign, based on handcrafting techniques, and explores free production forms, where it seeks to maintain the identity of the wood used as well as other ecological, recycled or locally sourced elements, all with full creative freedom.


Claúdia Moreira

The Tanta project, created by Claudia Moreira, includes the design and production of textile yarns, objects and accessories.

It experiments the hand dyeing of wools and mixed fibres roving and skeins with natural or industrial pigments, which are then used as a base for hand spun “art yarn” and the creation of hand felted pieces.

Tradition with Contemporaneity

Tradition with Contemporaneity is a project based on the three concepts of innovation, tradition and sustainability. It aims to promote good environmental practices in the creation of more sustainable, profitable and durable products, hand in hand with handicrafting, traditional and artistic techniques. The aim is also to share and teach these same techniques to the general public through training courses, workshops and occasional activities.


The creative community of the Loulé Design Lab is intended to be dynamic and constantly growing. Some of the resident projects, at the end of their incubation period, are considered as Associated Projects giving continuity to the established relationship, now in a more autonomous and punctual way. This category also welcomes other natural partners, very close and active, for collaborations and synergies that greatly enrich the work process of this community.

Sovereign Mother

Andreia Pintassilgo

Sovereign Mother – Identity, Tourism and Culture, is an integral part of the research, experimentation and final project to be presented by Andreia, for her Master’s Degree in Communication Design for Tourism and Culture, at the University of Algarve. The aim is to develop and test the communication materials to be presented.


Rita Belchior

Visually inspired by traditional regional techniques, these handmade prints on textiles are intended to regenerate ancient methods by reinterpreting the medium.


Ondina Santos, Filipa Martins e Ana Guerreiro

“Andana”, from an expression meaning boldness in attire, forms the basis for this collection of bags and accessories. The fabrics use design elements inspired by both Portuguese culture and the multiculturism from its past maritime expansion to boldly mix different techniques and materials .

Manoli Ortiz

Botanical Prints onto canvas and linen using local plants from the Rocha da Pena natural reserve, like the olive, almond, cistus and carob leaves.

One Love Eco Sport

Carlos Sonderblohm

Line of ecological sports products – mainly for surfing – that reflect the passion for the environment. These products are made with sunstainable materials such as cork, agarwood or Japanese cryptomeria are used in its production, as well as recycled materials


Pedro Ramalhete

In a design dematerialization context, solving problems through new concepts, with a conscious ecological attitude, choosing local resources and conciliate them with new materials. Creating objects with ingrained identity but harmonized to a universal concept.

Casa Brava

Julie Pereira and Marco Pinto

Al-‘Ulyã – Land of traditions, soap factory of Loulé Creation of soaps and accessories with contemporary design, inspired by the ancestral culture of Mediterranean soap factories and arabic baths, each stamped with “Made in Loulé”.

Dama no Jornal

Susana Mendez

Dama no Jornal® is a brand of fashion accessories, stationery and decoration. Accessories that are always animated by illustrations where the Dama (lady) is the protagonist. This year, 2020, we will celebrate the 10 years of the brand introducing a greater environmental and sustainability concern in the choice of the materials used in this products.

Fios e Linhas

Margarida Cartaxo

Weaving with natural fibers, as well as fabrics, to create everyday objects. She weaves geometric patterns and shapes inspired by the local culture/heritage.


Barbara Pintar and Jordi Sàbat

Followbirds is a smartphone application designed as a field guide for bird watching activities in the Algarve. The application will guide you to the best birding hotspots, providing a complete list of species in Portugal (images and sounds) and will record your precious observations.
The Followbirds product line complements and promotes the application. The line also includes several bird drawings, mainly in techniques of screen printing and digital print.

Girls Love Hats

Andreia Costa

The ways, the places and the people tell stories, and so Girls Love Hats is born, a Portuguese brand that engraves in each product the delicate and passionate process of the “Carefully Made By Hand”, a result of the dedication to traditional handmade production.
Starting from the traditional Algarvian art of the molding of the palm, (“Empreita” in portuguese), we have reinvented the concept, striving to combine tradition with modernity in an eco-friendly manner, being the creation of environmentally friendly products one of our main goals.


Sandra Louro

The LikeCork brand combines the Portuguese adventurous spirit and respect for nature with innovative organic and eco-friendly products. Uses predominantly cork, for the richness of its properties, its quality and the comfort that it provides.


João Carrilho

Methods operates as a brand, publisher and curator, to design, make and publish limited edition accessories, objects, and printed matter.


Eurico Brito

The Merkhabala project presents the mastery of the drawing, whether geometric or figurative, combined with the precision of the pyrography technique, to customize and produce various pieces of wood crafts.


Maria Lopes and Mário Silva

MÔ-ÇE(S) – Algarve regionalism (controversial origin) – arising from the original moço/moça (boy/girl). In youthful age, young; Individual in humble jobs; Person hired to do tasks, errands.

Cooperative association of social support for the re-appropriation of traditional handicraft techniques by youth. Past – present – future.

Oficina Poeta Azul

Sofia Correia and Chris Whitelaw

Oficina Poeta Azul embeds the natural purity and the ancient beauty of Algarvian and Portuguese culture into exquisite objects that are meant to inspire as everyday tools.


Ana Rita Contente

PAKK intends to reinvent the personal bag by converting it into a second skin: an ingeniously designed anatomical container that ergonomically and aesthetically differentiates the transport of belongings of immediate use, in current, practical and comfortable pouch models.


Verónica Guerreiro and Paulo Tomé


The Pidutournée duo seeks, with practical ideas and provocative language, to contribute to a sustainable future. The result is a number of eco-friendly objects built with local organic materials – stones and logs – that come with recycled or reused materials – paper, cardboard, glass, among others. Their pieces are produced using archaic and artisan techniques, giving rise to unique and functional objects that question the current perception of the use.


Fernando Madeira

Freelance Illustrator. Cooking creativity in several video projects, animation, illustration, comics, design, with a great passion and dedication for drawing and everything that involves the creative process.


Razvan Crestin

Research project in the area of recycling, with the aim of creating a manual system for the reuse of materials, involving the younger  people.


Silvia Rodrigues

Sigues is a brand of handmade products (jewelry, bags and lamps) produced from newspaper. It aims to promote the conservation of the environment through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Verde Création

Françoise Lenet

Verde Creation is a concept and an ambition: sublimate your interior with plant walls and paintings. Our creations are made from real natural plants that have been stabilized using an entirely natural biological process. The plants retain their appearance, colour, texture and suppleness for several years.