Verónica Guerreiro and Paulo Tomé


The Pidutournée duo seeks, with practical ideas and provocative language, to contribute to a sustainable future. The result is a number of eco-friendly objects built with local organic materials – stones and logs – that come with recycled or reused materials – paper, cardboard, glass, among others. Their pieces are produced using archaic and artisan techniques, giving rise to unique and functional objects that question the current perception of the use.


Barbara Pintar and Jordi Sàbat

Followbirds is a smartphone application designed as a field guide for bird watching activities in the Algarve. The application will guide you to the best birding hotspots, providing a complete list of species in Portugal (images and sounds) and will record your precious observations.
The Followbirds product line complements and promotes the application. The line also includes several bird drawings, mainly in techniques of screen printing and digital print.

Manoli Ortiz de la Torre

Botanical Prints onto canvas and linen using local plants from the Rocha da Pena natural reserve, like the olive, almond, cistus and carob leaves.


In a design dematerialization context, solving problems through new concepts, with a conscious ecological attitude, choosing local resources and conciliate them with new materials. Creating objects with ingrained identity but harmonized to a universal concept.

Casa Brava

Julie Pereira and Marco Pinto

Al-‘Ulyã – Land of traditions, soap factory of Loulé Creation of soaps and accessories with contemporary design, inspired by the ancestral culture of Mediterranean soap factories and arabic baths, each stamped with “Made in Loulé”.

Fernando Madeira

“The Good Old Times”

The Blue Planet is populated by fantastic beings.
The Good New Times is the title of an animated serie and comic book.
Sensitive to the small and grandiose advances of the species that should
not be taken seriously by all microbes. The natural universe of Ria
Formosa is the starting point of this project.

Girls Love Hats

Andreia Costa

The ways, the places and the people tell stories, and so Girls Love Hats is born, a Portuguese brand that engraves in each product the delicate and passionate process of the “Carefully Made By Hand”, a result of the dedication to traditional handmade production.
Starting from the traditional Algarvian art of the molding of the palm, (“Empreita” in portuguese), we have reinvented the concept, striving to combine tradition with modernity in an eco-friendly manner, being the creation of environmentally friendly products one of our main goals.


Sandra Louro

The LikeCork brand combines the Portuguese adventurous spirit and
respect for nature with innovative organic and eco-friendly products.
Uses predominantly cork, for the richness of its properties, its quality
and the comfort that it provides.


Eurico Brito

The Merkhabala project presents the mastery of the drawing, whether geometric or figurative, combined with the precision of the pyrography technique, to customize and produce various pieces of wood crafts.


Silvia Rodrigues

Sigues is a brand of handmade products (jewelry, bags and lamps) produced from newspaper. It aims to promote the conservation of the environment through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Oficina Poeta Azul

Sofia Correia and Chris Whitelaw

Oficina Poeta Azul embeds the natural purity and the ancient beauty of Algarvian and Portuguese culture into exquisite objects that are meant to inspire as everyday tools.


Ana Rita Contente and Sandra Neto

PAKK is a creative project developed by Rita Contente and Sandra Neto,
which intends to reinvent the personal bag by converting it into a second
skin: an ingeniously designed anatomical container that ergonomically and aesthetically differentiates the transport of belongings of immediate use, in current, practical and comfortable pouch models.

João Carrilho


Methods operates as a brand, publisher and curator, to design, make and publish limited edition accessories, objects, and printed matter.

Célia Palma


Independent, activist & social project that is inspired by our time and Algarve culture.
The brand aims to question the community with different artistic and social approaches.

Razvan Crestin

Emancipação da Reciclagem

Research project in the area of recycling, with the aim of creating a manual system for the reuse of materials, involving the younger  people.

Andreia Pintassilgo

Mãe Soberana - Identidade, Turismo e Cultura

Mãe Soberana – Identity, Tourism and Culture, is an integral part of the research, experimentation and final project to be presented by Andreia, for her Master’s Degree in Communication Design for Tourism and Culture, at the University of Algarve. The aim is to develop and test the communication materials to be presented.tar.

Margarida Cartaxo

Fios e Linhas

Weaving with natural fibers, as well as fabrics, to create everyday objects. She weaves geometric patterns and shapes inspired by the local culture/heritage.

Carlos Sonderblohm

One Love Eco Sport

Line of ecological sports products – mainly for surfing – that reflect the passion for the environment. These products are made with sunstainable materials such as cork, agarwood or Japanese cryptomeria are used in its production, as well as recycled materials