Now accepting applications

We are currently accepting applications for new residents, incubated residents and virtual residents. The jury is composed of representatives of the Loule government and designers and invited guests. The jury meets regularly to critique and discuss and select new members of our creative community.

Candidate Application


We only accept resident applications via our online form.



Designers, artists, creators with ideas, creative projects looking for support



Residents can use the LAB on a daily basis or simply be part of our creative network



For 12 months, residents receive mentoring, space, technical help and access to our partner network; and participate in our exhibitions, debates and workshops.



Now accepting new applications. You can apply online.


The Loule Design Lab is intended for students, creators, researchers, and entrepreneurs, individually or in teams, with innovative projects with strong connections to our local culture and that engage and support local production within Algarve, particularly within the county of Loule.


Academic internships related to creative product development.


Ideas and concepts that are ready to be realized as prototypes of commercial products. The space and resources required to develop and realize your ideas.


Innovative concepts ready to be tested in the context of local production.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative projects that could benefit from direct mentorship to transform into vibrant businesses.


Creative projects that challenge the imagination or that further enrich the ecosystem of the LAB.



Users who intend to develop a project with or without economic objectives, who can benefit from a shared working environment and desire to join a dynamic creative network. These residencies can be from 1 to 12 months.

Incubated Residents

Projects and businesses already in the start-up phase and could benefit from support for further business development. Incubated residencies can be for up to 12 months.

Virtual Residents

People, projects or businesses from the creative community who wish to participate in our regular programming or use our services and/or facilities but do not require a permanent assigned space.
Virtual residencies are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Scheduled Users

Scheduled use of the resources and services of the LAB for the benefit of on-going projects.


There is no monetary cost to be a Resident of Incubated Resident of the Loule Design Lab. However, residents and incubated residents are obligated to provide contributions to the Creative Time Bank in the form of hours dedicated to the development of projects of common interest to the Loule Design Lab or to Loule Creativo.

Residents and Incubated Residents

Permanent desk: contribution of 10 hours per month
Shared desk: contribution of 5 hours per month
Projects with more than one resident: contribution of 5 hours per month for each additional permanent desk

Virtual Residents

Case by case agreement

Scheduled Users

Contribution of 1 hour for each half-day or use of the workshop or meeting room (in full hour increments). In lieu of contributions to the time bank, scheduled users will incur a cost of €5 for each hour of lab use. Consumables are not included in this cost.

Hours can be contributed to the Creative Time Bank for various activities by mutual agreement. Possible contributions include participation in LAB events, public presentation of resident projects, general support in the functioning of the LAB or in activities/events the LAB promotes, public workshops for the community or other mutually agreed activities.

Support We Provide to Your Project

Services we provide to all residents

  1. Creative mentoring and product development assistance
  2. Technical workshops
  3. Networking opportunities (contacts with key projects, conversations with invited guests, presentations, etc.)
  4. Help in developing research projects applied and theoretical in partnership with other institutions.
  5. Regular events that energize the creative ecosystem of the LAB, cultivating creative synergies and providing opportunities for exhibition and promotion of resident projects.

For Incubated Residents Only

  1. Official address for your business
  2. Entrepreneurship coaching and seminars
  3. Artisan support
  4. Business development assistance
  5. Mentoring
  6. Connections to new customers, business and consumer.
  7. Assistance in sales and distribution
  8. Assistance in marketing and distribution

Our Space

Originally built in 1684 for the Franciscan Nuns, the Convento Espirito Santo was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1755. Rebuilt as a neoclassical structure, espousing the values of the Portuguese architectural style Chã (Plain Architecture), the cloister surrounds a giant 200 year old Araucaria (pine tree) at its centre. The Loule Design Lab occupies space on the 2nd floor of this historic convent. LAB facilities include:

  1. 20 desks in 3 shared rooms
  2. 4 benches in the workshop for designer makers
  3. Woodworking shop equipped with machines and hand tools for prototyping.
  4. Presentation room.
  5. Meeting spaces, both formal and informal.
  6. Communal lounge
  7. Multipurpose room
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. Multi-user colour laser printer/copier
  10. 3D printer
  11. Large format plotter
  12. Product photography studio
  13. Shared library

On the ground floor, there are a cafe, a lawn and good neighbours.

Scheduled Users

Non-residents interested in scheduled use of the space, please contact us via email clearly stating your needs (dates, length of use, rooms or equipment you need, information about the people involved in the project, etc.) to our address,