Loulé Design Lab



The main function of the LAB is the hosting of creative professionals within a co-working environment that includes a workshop and exhibition spaces.  The LAB also promotes research projects linked to local production, supports product creation and development, curates a network of partner ateliers and produces regular programming with artistic residencies, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

Creative Residencies

We provide organization and support for creative projects linked to artisanal production. Ideal resident projects foment new opportunities for local artisans, advance the state of traditional craft, promote the quality of the local artisanal production and/or introduce new actors and concepts into the endemic production traditions.


The Loule Design Lab supports residents in the development and promotion of new creative experiences targeting tourists, schools or the general public.

We also organize workshops in conjunction with other entities both private and public to teach new techniques related to design and making.


We host a series of discussions designed to provide moments of debate and reflection around contemporary design concepts including design thinking, social design, collaborative design, intangible patrimony and local consumption. These events also include the presentation of successful design projects and new innovative strategies of design and production.

Networking Events

We strengthen the creative community within Loule by offering diverse opportunities for face-to-face communication.

  1. Sharing talks between residents of the LAB or with outside projects.
  2. Conversations with invited guests, including outside design professionals, principals of creative projects, and experts in related fields.
  3. Real and virtual tours and case-studies of successful creative projects.
  4. Showrooms for the presentation and demonstration of resident projects.


We organize public exhibitions of the work developed within the LAB, showing what we do best and other things of interest from the world of design.

We promote

  1. Exhibitions of resident projects, incubated and invited
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Pop-up events
  4. Artistic interventions.